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Business Management Services

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Business Management Services in the Los Angeles Area

As business managers, Cory Franklin & Associates, Inc. will take care of and manage every aspect of your personal and business financial needs. Business management is letting us handle all of your accounting, tax, banking, insurance, real estate and financial needs.

We will pay all of your bills and keep your financial commitments in order. We will also collect and deposit your earnings for you. You will no longer receive any bills at your home. We will receive all of your bills and pay them for you. You will not have to make another deposit again or keep track of who owes you money, we will. We will become your personal and business accounting department.

By relieving you of the mundane tasks of keeping your personal and business finances in order, you will have additional time, piece of mind and freedom to do what you are good at and enjoy life more. Your spending will decrease and your savings will increase.

Business Management Financial Services

In the past business management services have been known to be for those in the entertainment industry who are too busy to take care of their finances. That is not always the case. Although we have many individuals and businesses in the entertainment industry that we provide business management services to, most anyone that has a busy schedule and would like to have a CPA firm take care of their personal and business and financial services can benefit from our services.

Business management includes all the following services:

  • Pay all of your monthly and other periodic bills
  • Make all bank deposits
  • Facilitate ATM cards
  • Obtain special cash orders and coordinate delivery to wherever you are
  • Coordinate payroll for any employees
  • Coordinate payments to independent contractors and prepare 1099s
  • Monitor monthly cash flows
  • Prepare monthly financial statements
  • Prepare monthly monthly bank reconciliation
  • Handle all financing (including mortgages, lines of credit, overdraft protection, business loans). Also prepare all loan documents and coordinate loan requirements with lenders
  • Any and all banking needs
  • Overall insurance assessment and obtain additional coverage if needed (including umbrella, life, auto, business, homeowner's, etc.)
  • We work with our network of bankers, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, etc. to provide you with the services you need
  • Our business management services streamline all you your finances at tax time

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